About Double R

BIO3Rontu “Double R” Elam was born in Los Angeles, California on the 22nd of April. He was the second of his mother’s four children. His parents split up at an early age and he was raised by his mother Debi. With no father figure around, Double R ran the dangerous streets of Los Angeles and turned to his older brother Shaka for guidance. Due to gang violence and economic hardship, Debi decided to move the family to Las Vegas and start anew. Double R now took a more active role in raising his siblings and quickly adapted to the Vegas life. He aspired to play professional football, but the birth of his beautiful daughter Courtney made him leave college early and return to Las Vegas. In order to survive and support his family, Double R hustled in the streets and lived by the rules learned from his brother Shaka. The fast life was a lifestyle that naturally fit his charisma.

Tragedy struck his family on September 7th 2003, when his brother Shaka was gunned down outside a local Las Vegas night club. The loss of his brother weighed heavily on his heart but disaster soon hit again when a close friend and his closest cousin were murdered within the same year. With all this on his mind, Double R found solace in his music. He cultivated his relationship with God and spent countless hours in the studio, which was the same place that an unfortunate incident would change his life forever. In 2005 he was falsely accused and charged with murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder and would receive the death penalty if convicted. The possibility of death and never seeing his family again didn’t break Double R down. He stayed positive and remained faithful. In June of 2008, he was finally exonerated of all charges as they were dismissed with prejudice. He was free from false imprisonment and could now enjoy life and focus on doing what he loved most.

Music has always been Double R’s passion. As a teen, he toured with his uncle Little Richard, “the Architect of Rock n Roll”, and desired to someday be on that same stage. Since writing raps with his homies in high school, it was apparent that he possessed a special talent and a lyrical gift. Influenced by hip hop greats such as 2Pac, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg, Double R puts his heart, soul and mind into his music. After many collaborations and features on numerous mixtapes, in 2010 Double R released his own official series of mixtapes, titled Bitch Plz ‘Volumes 1 & 2’. During this time, he also started his own record label, ‘Boss Hustlas Entertainment’, and will be releasing his debut album in the near future. Singles like “Bitch I Know” and “Survival” have been released and the feedback from the streets has been positive and encouraging. Double R has toured with Strong Arm Steady, Self-Scientific, Skeme and many other artists on the West coast. He is currently working with the Grammy nominated production team “The Futuristiks”, who are responsible for Dom Kenndey’s new release “Get Home Safely”, many tracks on Nipsey Hussle’s famed “Crenshaw” and have produced for the likes of Lupe Fiasco, T.I. and 50 Cent. His talent, passion, and diligence prove that he can be a major factor for a long time.

Adversity and sorrow has only strengthened Double R’s relationship with God and his family. The pleasure and pain of his life translates directly through his music and unlike many artists today, he provides substance and truth in his songs while delivering it in a creative, powerful manner.